iConn Engineering is an ISO-certified canted coil spring manufacturer.
iConn Enginering offers high-quality canted coil springs and short lead-time
What does a canted coil spring look like?
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iConn Engineering's canted coil spring production is ISO 9001 certified (SGS Certificate ID TW20/10209)

Canted coil spring


Phone: USA: +1-714-696-8826
Taiwan: +886 0928 427 253
WhatsApp: +17146968826
LINE and WeChat IDs: iconneng
Email: sales@iconneng.com or peter@iconneng.com

Verify iConn's ISO Certificate on the secured SGS website with this ID:  TW20/10209

iConn Engineering's canted coil springs are ITAR compliant.
iConn Engineering uses only DFARS compliant materials for all canted coil springs.

Feel free to verify iConn's ISO 9001 validity on SGS secured website using the certificate ID: TW20/10209

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