iConn Engineering's canted coil spring production is ISO 9001 certified (SGS Certificate ID TW20/10209)

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Viedo 1:  One canted coil spring can serve as both the mechanical force controller and the electrical conductor, while also providing tactile and audio feedback. Please click to watch the video.

How is a canted coil spring used in an application?

iConn Engineering, LLC was established in 2011 in California, USA, and has been serving worldwide customers since. iConn is ISO 9001-2015 certified. Our specialty is to design each iConnFlex™ canted coil spring meticulously with finite element modeling techniques and manufacture precisely with CNC machines in our Taipei, Taiwan facility. 

iConn Engineering's canted coil springs are ITAR compliant.
iConn Engineering is an ISO-certified canted coil spring manufacturer.
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What is a canted coil spring?

Unlike conventional helical springs with circular cross-sections, canted coil springs all have oval cross-sections with different heights and widths (Figure 1). Varying the wire diameter (WD), width, height, or coil spacing changes the spring force. By design, we can target a specific canted coil spring for a holding/latching, or electrically conducting/EMI shielding application. A spring ring can be installed in a fitted groove to transmit electricity, energize plastic seals, control connecting force, provide bearing, or limit RF interference. So can a straight length of spring. An axial spring can control the binding force between two surfaces.

Compressing the coil height of a canted coil spring generates a force curve with a flat region (Figure 2). This force plateau is used to compensate for surface unevenness and dimensional variations in heat/cold, stabilize contact resistance in electrical plugs, and control engaging&disengaging force in the mechanical connectors. Canted coil springs are widely used in automotive, aeronautical and aerospace, green energy generation & storage, healthcare, Laser apparatus, lighting, military, power transmission & distribution, oil & gas,  and transportation power industries. 

If you are still using conventional ways for round part holding or quick disconnecting applications, there is a good chance you can benefit from the convenience and cost-saving features of canted coil springs. They reduce materials and space, limit assembly time and system cost, and provide reliable connections as the enablers of mechanical and electrical connectors.

Please go to our products page for more details on iConnFlex™ canted coil springs.  

Figure 2: Examples of Canted Coil Spring Force Curves

Canted coil spring


iConn supplies canted coil springs to worldwide customers

What are canted coil springs?

What does a canted coil spring look like?
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iConn Engineering uses only DFARS compliant materials for all canted coil springs.
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