We manufacture slanted / canted coil springs for worldwide customers

iConn Engineering uses only DFARS compliant materials for all canted coil springs.
Slanted coil or anted coil spring design
Slanted coil or canted coil spring quality control
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We fit the springs to your new or existing applications, taking into consideration the dimensional constraints and the force and/or electric current requirements.

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Canted Coil Springs

(Slant or slanted coil springs)

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iConn Engineering's canted coil springs are ITAR compliant.

Regular feedback ensures that our canted coil spring products meet both customer requirements and satisfactions.

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Spring and gland design

 iConn Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing canted coil springs (sometimes called slanted coil or slant coil springs). These oval springs with their matching grooves are enablers in customized snap-on mechanical and/or electrical connectors. Customers apply canted coil spring solutions to solve mechanical coupling, electric conducting, EMI shielding, and medium sealing problems in almost all industries around the world. iConn is  ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Canted coil springs can conduct electricity, control connectors' coupling force, shield electromagnetic interferences, and activate initial sealing. With specially designed matching glands or grooves, they save overall materials and space, reduce components and assembly time, promote user-friendliness, and ultimately reduce system costs. Three-dimensional finite element models are constructed to precisely calculate spring force and electric capacities, meticulously provide detailed spring and groove dimensions, and scientifically guarantee design successes. 

Please see our products page for more detailed information.

iConn Engineering specializes in canted coil springs with DFARS materials and is ISO 9001 certified and ITAR compliant.

Our CNC machines have the flexibility to produce all slanted / canted coil springs while minimizing manufacturing tolerances. A ISO-9001 quality system guarantees the reproducibility and reliability of all springs.

iConn's canted coil springs are widely embedded in high and medium voltage switchgears (gas-insulated, vacuum, solid sealed polar poles, and between cabinet connectors), busbars, green energy generator and battery devices, EV chargers, oil & gas exploration sensors, gasoline pump hoses, medical/surgical equipment and implants, robotics, and computer/electronic systems. Backed by the best minds, sophisticated design tools, and world-class manufacturing and ISO-certified quality systems, iConn is dedicated to all your canted coil spring needs.

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