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Backed by the best minds, most sophisticated design tools, world-class machineries, and ISO-certified quality systems, iConn is dedicated to all your canted coil spring needs. We are diverse and energetic, prompt and concise, ready to supply all canted coil springs, big or small in sizes, prototype or production in quantities. 

To delight our customers with prompt responseS, high-quality products, and SUPERB serviceS

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we are committed to a unique and customized canted coil spring DESIGN for each customer.

quality manufacturing

iConn Engineering uses only DFARS compliant materials for all canted coil springs.

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Our CNC machines have the flexibility to produce all slant / canted coil springs while minimizing manufacturing tolerances. An ISO-9001 quality system guarantees the reproducibility and reliability of all springs.

We Specifically Design and Manufacture Canted Coil Springs for Customers All Over the World

iConn Engineering provides excellent customer service for all your canted coil spring needs
iConn Engineering is a slanted coil or canted coil spring power house

Regular feedback ensures that our iConnFlex™ canted coil spring products meet both our customer requirements and satisfactions. We offer the shortest lead time in the industry.

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Taiwan: +886 0928 427 253
WhatsApp: +17146968826
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Spring and gland design

iConn Engineering is ISO-9001 certified for slant coil or canted coil spring production
iConn Engineering provides canted coil spring and matching groove design
iConn Engineering's slanted coil or canted coil spring production is ISO-certified
iConn Engineering's canted coil springs are ITAR compliant.

We fit the canted coil springs to your new or existing applications, taking into consideration the dimensional constraints and the force and/or electric current requirements.

"I have come to trust iConn's designing and manufacturing capabilities to provide the best canted coil spring solutions for our needs."

          -- Y. Davenport

"When our backs were against the wall, iConn provided a timely rescue to help us stay on course with the project."

          -- S. Hsin 

Canted coil spring


Each application is unique. We design customized canted coil spring solutions just for you - your applications, your requirements, and your constraints. We aim to conquer your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Verify iConn's ISO Certificate on the secured SGS website with this ID:  TW20/10209

iConn Engineering is an ISO-certified canted coil spring manufacturer.
iConn Engineering's canted coil spring production is ISO 9001 certified (SGS Certificate ID TW20/10209)
What does a canted coil spring look like?
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