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canted coil spring
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iConn Engineering's canted coil springs are ITAR compliant.

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Canted Coil Springs

(Slant or slanted coil springs)

USA: 18685 Main ST STE 101-246, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, USA
Taiwan: No.125, Sec.3, Huan He North Blvd., Taipei 11171, Taiwan 

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iConn Engineering uses only DFARS compliant materials for all canted coil springs.
iConn Engineering specializes in canted coil springs with DFARS materials and is ISO 9001 certified and ITAR compliant.
Phone: USA: +1-714-696-8826
Taiwan: +886 0928 427 253
WhatsApp: +17146968826
LINE and WeChat IDs: iconneng
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